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Choose from an assortment of flavors for our muffins and loaves.

Welcome to our wholesale page.

For all inquires please email us at

We have everything from shared trays to individually wrapped or boxed items.

Butter Tarts.jpeg
Cinnamon Rolls.jpeg

Award winning butter tarts from across Ontario.

There are of 30 different flavors.

Choose from a variety of flavors in these universal rolls.

Breakfast Boxes.jpeg

Breakfast boxes for all occasions.

18 piesJPG.JPG

Our pies come in arrange of fruit, custard and pudding fillings.

Bread pudding.jpeg

Seasonal flavor Bread Pudding. Shown pumpkin bread pudding.

Sweet Trays.jpeg

Dessert trays for all occasions.

from 2-4 guess to 8 to more guess.


Cupcakes come in all types of patterns and flavors.


Custom flavor cookies available on request.

dessert bars.jpeg
rice crispy.jpeg

Dessert bars, brownies, shortbread bars and more.

Jumbo Rice Crispy.

Sandwich platters, cafeteria sandwiches and more. 

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